In today’s world of technology and globalization the world has become narrower and learning a new language has become more important than ever. To facilitate language learning, we have so many options to choose from.

Everyone has smartphone in their hand nowadays. Thanks to the Apps and internet,it is now possible to learn a new language at the comfort of your home and just using your phone for half and hour you can acquire a new international language.

Duolingo is the probably the most popular application out there which claims teaching a new language with very little effort.

Today we are doing to break down this claim and find out how effective Duolingo really let’s dive in.

Using Duolingo as a tool to learn Japanese can be effective to a certain extent. Duolingo provides a structured language learning program that covers various aspects of the language, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading comprehension. It offers a gamified learning experience with interactive exercises and quizzes, which can help motivate learners to practice regularly.

Nevertheless ,it’s important to note that Duolingo alone may not be sufficient to achieve fluency in Japanese. Learning a language requires a combination of various resources and practice methods. While Duolingo can help with basic language skills and vocabulary acquisition, it might not offer in-depth explanations or cultural context. Moreover ,it’s crucial to practice speaking and listening skills with native speakers or through language exchange programs for a more well-rounded learning experience.

Supplementing Duolingo with other resources such as textbooks, language exchange programs, online tutorials, and immersion experiences can greatly enhance your Japanese language learning journey. Remember that consistency, dedication, and immersion are key in effectively learning a language.

I am personally using Duolingo besides books and YouTube videos. In my opinion, Duolingo works best when it is used with other resources and it has helped me very much in kanji learning and vocabulary. Therefore, I am sure that Duolingo will certainly help you learn one or two things in your intended language. Don’t hesitate to download and give it a try.

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